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Weavecology is our devotion and inspiration gleaned from the connections found between organic gardening, art, permaculture, and land management. From baskets, containers,  hats, furniture, and yard art to fences, walls, gazebos, and livestock management, Weavecology explores the fractals of how things are, were, and will be again.


Join us as we explore ancient technologies resurfacing. Let's create together in bold new ways that allow our storied paths to echo into this future. Weavecology is a crucial bridge between the disciplines of Agriculture and Art as well as a path through Energy and Life. Love it and weave it!

Our Story…

Yohan and Karen bought a small farm near Corvallis, Oregon in 2013 with a focus on breeding and managing dairy goats.  While we had been friends with Mario and Dylana for a while, Weavecology was born in the summer of 2015 after a walk in the back property which runs along a tiny creek. Mario and Dylana, local farmers and artisans, had been developing their own style of basketry and the walk led to a lot of vision and excitement. The discussions of art, life, interdependence, and the cyclic nature of the universe began to unearth connections more powerful than weaving itself…. we call it The Willow Way.

It’s in the weave…

What is the Willow Way? After working with live and dried willow, you learn that it will talk to you. It will gladly tell you when you’re trying too hard, or when you’re being lazy. If you are ready for it, the weave presents itself. We call this interaction the Willow Way. We feel like it is a deep communication from life itself about the possibilities of connection and the durability of interaction. It’s not just about weaving a basket… but that’s a great place to start!


Handmade willow creations from our farm as well as local wild and sustainable sources. Why stop at baskets? Backpacks, chairs, platters… it’s all the same in the Willow Way!


Whether constructing living furniture or creating new ways to support your garden, the Willow Way provides a springboard for your imagination.


Are you living on your property? Or living with it? Life is the most powerful engineer around. What happens if we help it build the things we need?


The excitement of exploration and connection to ancient perspectives keep us in constant wonder. What will be your expression of the Willow Way?

Weave on!

We hope to keep this concept alive and growing, literally! In this age, the world has turned to corporate entities to provide the necessities of life. From cubicles to shipping containers,  everything is put in boxes and shipped halfway around the world. There was a time when there was a specialized basket for every facet of life. This art brings us closer to not just our surroundings, but to the energies of life itself! We hope that Weavecology ignites a spark of imagination and with it a realization that everything can be new again. Find us on Facebook or send us an email at weavecology@gmail.com for periodic updates!

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